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I’m delighted to announce that my 2021 collection will be launching this coming October with early access for members only. I can’t wait to share the seasonal blooms I’ve photographed with you and to continue bringing a little floral felicity to the lives of others this year. Want to become an exclusive member? Sign up for my newsletter for the opportunity to purchase prints from my forthcoming collection this fall.

    We like to think of her work as Dutch Master paintings coming to life.
    Joya Studio Team

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    Looking for beautiful images to enhance your website, newsletters or social media. I’m bringing a little floral art to your digital devices. Fully downloadable and easily trimmed to your required size, the possibilities are endless with my new digital bundles — I can’t wait to share them with you all!

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      Behind each print there is a story, a personal touch and an intentional effect to elevate your wellbeing. Prints also come in beautifully bespoke, handcrafted packages using sustainable materials.

      Elena Dragoi

      About Elena Dragoi

      My name is Elena, and welcome to this corner of my world! 

      For me, flowers are the most beautiful subject. They are my portfolio's backbone, the inspiration behind my aesthetic, and the photographs I am most excited to share. There is careful intentionality behind these images. I am very selective about what I offer and share — each one filled with my very soul. Every year I release a limited collection. Once they are sold out, they will not be reproduced. I want you to feel like you’re holding a moment in time. A moment that was created just for you.

      Every nuanced detail captures your eye and draws you deeper into the story, transporting you to an ethereal and tranquil world of color and light.
      Eva Kosmas Flores, Adventures in Cooking

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      Elena’s art speaks to me on many levels. Her exquisite photography nourishes and heals the soul, acting as a conduit for our own journey back to self-love.
      Rachel Baker, 3 Sources