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2021 Floriography Collection

Limited Edition Prints that explore the Language of Flowers

An Exploration of the Senses

Engage all of your senses and discover the pleasure that art can evoke. We will embark on a floral adventure that will showcase the intimate language of flowers. Come closer and you will not only see the delicate beauty of these beings, you will feel, hear, taste and smell their extraordinary stories. A bold journey into a world of whimsy of being human through a connection with one of nature's most potent gifts.

Wander the world of flowers and experience the depth of your senses

Each fluttering petal will become a forever memory

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A Closer Lookinto Macro Photography

In my Floriography 2021 Fine Art Photography Collection I allowed myself to collapse into the language of flowers. Through a macro lens I was transported into a botanical world that left me exploring emotions I didn’t even know existed.

Discovery of Color

Sight. How often do we take this sense for granted? For those of us born with eyes that can see the world around us, we so often forget what a gift it is. To see color, to be transfixed by a setting sun. The sky moving from gentle blues to radiant reds, soft pinks and captivating purples. The way cherry juice stains our fingertips in the Summer sun, a deep striking red. Each color makes us feel a range of emotions, often different for all of us. Come explore the fascinating world of color and how it pertains to the language of flowers.

A curated experience tailored for you

Everything here is meant to be an artistic experience. From the packaging to consultations for framing, I yearn for this pieces to be heirlooms that stay in your home for decades to come. From the moment your parcel arrives I want it to be a journey of the senses. Thank you for choosing my art to adorn your space.

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“I must have flowers, always, and always.”

― Claude Monet

The Devotion of Being Alive- Floriography 2021

Inspiration is found in every tiny corner. By getting to explore a macro gaze of the botanical world, I discovered what devotion feels like. A silent surrender into romance, bliss, and a captivating form of growth. The catalyst for the 2021 collection was simply…life. The beginnings, the endings, and everything in-between. I wanted to capture the essence of humanity through a floral lens. Our fragility mimicking the lace petals of the cosmo, our endurance, and ability to grow in impossible places so much like the sunflower. The extraordinary beauty that exists in all of our seasons. The simple along with the complexity, Floriography 2021 is an ode to loving and living with every breath we are granted.

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Testimonial Example: We at Joya Studio are huge fans of Elena Dragoi's style of photography. Her photos of flowers are particularly mesmerizing, as she manages to highlight their beauty and colors through strong lighting and dramatic backgrounds. We like to think of her work as Dutch Master paintings coming to life.

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Elena's images are the true embodiment of the photographic art — painting with light. The soft, rich shadows, inviting contrast, and alluring palettes of her imagery harken back to classics like Vermeer, but are rooted in a visual celebration of the true and pure beauty of nature. Every nuanced detail captures your eye and draws you deeper into the story, transporting you to an ethereal and tranquil world of color and light.

Eva Kosmas Flores, Adventures in Cooking
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