Zoe Brown

Elena goes above and beyond, not just in her creations, but in her presentation, in her wrapping, and in her personal attention. Everything that comes from her studio has the Elena Dragoi touch - exquisite taste and fantastical luxury. There is something so rich about each of her photos, and this richness is only emphasized by the ribbons and paper cocoons that adorn each lovingly-prepared package. These photos are endlessly interesting, forever timeless. You can tell that Elena has dedicated herself to providing the very best in everything, from museum-quality paper to perfect printing, to the blossoms full of color that grace her photos. I will have my Elena Dragoi piece hanging on my wall for years and years to come. This is where you go to find your very own moment in time - a unique piece of art that speaks to you.


Holly Shellaker

Not only does Elena showcase the gorgeous aesthetics of our natural world, she also creates extraordinary portraits. Stories, memories and reflections of our loved ones and of ourselves. Within each fold and crease, each shining drop of joy or sorrow, each touch of light and shadow - intricate emotions can be found, illuminated with graceful, timeless beauty. This is why I find her work so moving... there is always something deeper to discover. What's more, her uplifting kindness, clear passion and tender attention to detail take her work to a higher level - so purely made with love and to be treasured.


Kristine Steiner

Elena’s gorgeous photographs capture all the intricacies and hidden movements within flowers and still life arrangements. The way she utilizes light and shadow evokes drama and emotion in each piece. You can’t help but notice something new each time you look at one of her images. The work is not only beautiful, but also packaged exquisitely with so much thoughtful detail that it’s almost too beautiful to open when it arrives!


Eva Kosmas Flores, Adventures in Cooking

Elena's images are the true embodiment of the photographic art — painting with light. The soft, rich shadows, inviting contrast, and alluring palettes of her imagery harken back to classics like Vermeer, but are rooted in a visual celebration of the true and pure beauty of nature. Every nuanced detail captures your eye and draws you deeper into the story, transporting you to an ethereal and tranquil world of color and light.


Melissa Sampedro

Elena's floral art isn't just a photograph; when you see her art you get transported into a peaceful and relaxing state of mind, you can sense the love and passion she has put into each of her fine arts, the contrasting shadows and silky light that accompany her imagery is one you want to dive into. Elena takes every count in every detail which makes shipping so much less hassle when you want to send it across another continent and send someone a beautiful set of flowers that will last forever warming up someone's house.


Joya Studio Team

We at Joya Studio are huge fans of Elena Dragoi's style of photography. Her photos of flowers are particularly mesmerizing, as she manages to highlight their beauty and colors through strong lighting and dramatic backgrounds. We like to think of her work as Dutch Master paintings coming to life.


Rachel Baker, 3 Sources

Elena’s art speaks to me on many levels. Her exquisite photography nourishes and heals the soul, acting as a conduit for our own journey back to self-love. Somehow her work allows us to hold space for both the darkness and the light, that provides the most richness for personal growth. Elena’s work nurtures and gently restores the spirit. By capturing the emotions behind the lens, her images convey subtle, yet infallible, healing energy.


Daniela Modesto, Calm Eats

Elena's art captured my attention from the moment I saw it. Emotion and depth come through in every one of her photographs. With a single click, she has the power to transform a scene into visual poetry and I'm delighted to own one of her pieces.