Welcome to my creative space.

Welcome to my creative space.

Update: The winner of my fine art numbered-edition print is - Rachel Joyce.


Thank you for being here as I begin this adventure. 

It’s been a lifelong dream to make my very own artwork. Over the past several months, in a space of deep solitude and self-reflection, and in a spirit of love, I began creating for myself. With my camera in hand, I instilled a regular practice of allowing the little girl in me to dream, to imagine... to play. And, for the first time in a long time, I felt sparks of joy as my ideas blossomed. 

Fresh flowers have always spoken to me. Their vibrant, ephemeral beauty brings a little bit of the outdoors into my quiet home. Every blossom captured at its prime makes a unique impression on an image all its own. With every photograph, I feel as if I’ve bottled a moment in time and I’m excited to share my work with all of you. 

Each piece is close to my heart - a reminder of someone, something, or somewhere that I hold dear. Every photo whispers a memory, and each arrangement is seasonally inspired. 

Four times a year, I will offer a new collection in limited quantity, as well as numbered editions and one of a kind pieces year-round. In the fall, I hope to launch a program where we can co-create personalized artwork for your home! 

In celebration of my upcoming series launch, I will be gifting one of you a beautiful fine art numbered-edition print (in your size preference). I chose the peony because she was an invaluable teacher as well as one of my favorite flowers to photograph. Despite her soft ethereal form, this beauty shows us all what it means to be strong with gracefemininity, and vulnerability.

This artwork was created during my quarantine chapter, and it’s incredibly unique and special to me. The world felt still, and as I photographed her - she spoke to me. If she could stand tall, so could I. If she could be beautiful in her own way, so could I. And, if she could reflect light in the darkness, so could I.

I’m incredibly excited to share this special piece with you. To enter the draw, simply subscribe to my newsletter below, and share this post on your Instagram story (being sure to mention @_elenadragoi!) to enter. And, if you do not have an Instagram account that’s okay too, being subscribed to my newsletter will automatically enter you into the draw. The winner will be chosen on July 20th, 2020. :)

with love,

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